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Action: 1450 Mitchell Road and around
(Engie's at it again: he's busy working on more machines. The man's as busy as a bee as he zips around the garage, working on several projects at one go. There's a smile on his face too as he sings while he's screwing, hammering, or welding pieces of metal together. Eventually though, he straightens up and pushes his goggles from his eyes. But those aren't just any goggles; those are the ones he used back home. Getting them as a regain has been a major booster to Engie's morale, which HAS taken quite a beating. If you happen to be around, stop by and say hi.)

Action: Bakery
(He's even wearing his goggles to work now. While it's not part of the standard uniform, he's definitely not going to let them out of his sight. He's as cheerful as he has always been, greeting customers with a warm smile and a friendly "Howdy!")

Action: Olney's Tavern
(After a hard day's worth of work, he's heading to the bar for a nice cold one. He's always open for conversation, if you're looking for someone to talk to.)

Hey there folks, good day ta alla you. Name's Engie, an' I was wonderin' if there's anyone out there who's willin' ta teach this ol' cowboy some new tricks? I know there's a whole lotta people out there from different times and places, an' I'm itchin' for some new inventions. If anyone out there's willin' ta share summa their machines with me, well, that'd make me happier than a gopher in soft dirt.


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