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Backdated to December 24th
(It's Christmas eve, and Engie's just brooding over his cornflakes when he hears the next broadcast. He stares at the TV again, conflicted emotions battling against each other as memories flood back into him...)

Phone, filtered to the fakes he knows:

Hey, you lot there? Are ya...are ya alright?

Action: Around Mayfield

(He's running around with his gun, looking for certain fakes. Especially Barton and Finch. That's pretty much what everyone in town's doing...except that Engie's not out to kill them. On the contrary, he's going to try and instead drag them back into his house for protection instead. Why? Maybe you can ask him yourself, if he finds you.

If he catches you trying to kill a fake, be prepared to have him aim his shotgun at you. No one is dying on his watch: fakes, drones, and real inhabitants alive. ESPECIALLY not on Christmas eve, god damnit!)

Action: locked to 1450 Mitchell Road and anyone he dragged back with him to his house, nighttime.

(It's Christmas Eve, and he's got a fire going, some nice cups of hot cocoa, and he's got his guitar out. Time to sing a few Christmas carols. You can sing along, listen, interupt, whatever. Engie's just out for some peace tonight.)

Christmas Day itself

Action: 1450 Mitchell Road, early in the morning

(It's Christmas Day, and Engie's woken up especially early to finish up that Christmas cake. There're presents underneath the Christmas tree for housemates too, and he's going to cut you guys a slice of cake when you're at the breakfast table.)

Mornin'. Merry Christmas.

(GLaDOS got a new record of opera music: specifically, she got a recording of the Barber of Seville.

Tachikoma got oil. As in, the type to make sure the gears run smoothly. Engie's not too sure whether the machine runs that way, but he thinks it's a pretty safe present.

The turrets get targets for target practice. They're like the ones he built earlier in the year, but they're stronger and specifically made for them.)

Action: Around town

(He's got an entire wheelbarrow with him, filled with goodies as he stops by houses to deliver them. Specifically:

Picky is getting a new baseball glove, a bat, and a baseball, as well as an envelope with 3 dollars inside (that's a lot in Mayfield currency...I think.)
Barton's present was a complete kit of tools: wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, the whole deal, with goggles and gloves.
RED Sniper and BLU Sniper are both getting new scopes, made by the man himself.
Ilsa is getting a microwave oven that he tinkered around with himself. It's got all the capabilities of an oven, but works better and faster. It's also got a compartment where she can attach a grill to it, if she's keen.
Doof is getting a bottle of wine and a set of wine glasses.
America is getting a modified watch that doubles as a communicator.
Kotomi is getting a music record that plays classical violin pieces.
Gatt is getting a big bowl of chili, plus some nice cutlery sets.)

Anyone else that Engie is friends with will get food items, like cookies and cakes.)
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Backdated to the start of the powercuts

(When Engie hears the broadcast and feels the cold, he's decided he's had enough. There was no way in Hell that he is going to let the town win one over him this time around.)

Action: 1450 Mitchell Road and around, soon after the broadcast.

(If you catch him in the house, you might find him dismantling the appliances in the house at an alarming rate. His fingers are working so fast that it's surprising he hasn't jabbed them accidentally yet. Heck, he's even pulling the car apart for parts. All of these go into the garage, where there's a huge commotion going on inside. Stop to investigate, y/n?)

Phone: filtered to TF2 cast mates.
Listen up alla ya. I've gotta heater goin' on at mah place. Everyone a'ya are free to bunk up with me, but Lord help me if I see even so much as a peep outta your Sapper Spah, I will kick your behind all the way back ta France.

Filtered to Ilsa, Madame Foster, Finch, Barton, America, Kotomi and anyone else who's had CR with Engie.
You folks need a heater?

After people have disappeared

Action: Around Town
(Immediately after the news broadcast is over, Engie grabs his coat and runs out, cold be damned. He checks house after house of people he knows and sure enough, they're gone. He doesn't give up though; he can't just accept what this town has told him. He'll see it with his own eyes, or none at all.

You might catch Engie running around. Or he might be staring at certain houses with horror in his eyes, his hand gripping the fence tightly. Whatever it is, feel free to stop him to ask what's wrong.)
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(Engie is not usually a fan of mushrooms, and he usually will not eat them, especially the weird looking ones that have just popped up everywhere in Mayfield. However he doesn't notice that one of his drone kids have slipped one into the stew he was cooking for lunch that day.)

A. Action: 1450 Mitchell Road
(Anyone who's around the house, or even nearby, will hear a long scream erupting from the place. A few seconds later, and there's even some gun shots as well as more shrieks. Care to check out what's going on?)

B. Phone
Anyone!? Is anyone there!? I...I need someone!! Please, I beg ya!! My ma...my ma...no, no!! Stay away!!!

(The receiver falls down onto the ground but whoever who's listening can hear the sound of tables and chairs being overturned. There's also some gunshots as well, and more pleading and crying from the Texan as he begs for clemency one time, before switching to an insane laugh, and then back to a sobbing mess as he cries for mercy.)

I'll be good dad.

There's one more gunshot, before the phone goes dead.)
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Action: Morning, 1450 Mitchell Road and around.
(Engie's just happily working on his sentries again on the lawn. All seems well with the Texan. Wanna say hi?)

Action: Afternoon Around town
(Engie's now walking around town on his way to work. He's just opened the door to the bakery, actually.)

Action, locked to the BLU Sniper: Later, Garage
(There's a pod that's hidden underneath a car here.)

Action: Much later, 1450 Mitchell Road and around.
(Engie's just going into the garage to get more metal, when suddenly he just narrowly avoided a gunshot to his right. Turning around, there's another Engie standing there, his whole body shaking with anger and fury while a gun is aimed straight at his doppelganger. Something akin to a growl just rumbles off him.)

Git offa mah property. NOW.


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