Oct. 14th, 2011

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A. Action for 1450 Mitchell Street
Well, this is awkward. The first thing Benjamin Williamson sees when he opens his eyes is that there's a woman sleeping RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Good morning GLaDOS, have a very flustered Texan yell out in surprise as he scrambles away from you, only to fall off the bed. Or maybe he's woken you up Tachikoma, because he's definitely made quite a ruckus.

B. Action for around 1450 Mitchell Street
Good morning Mitchell Street residents! If you happen to be around the neighborhood, you'll find a man walking around the area, looking extremely shocked and muttering to himself. Something about Medics and their Kritzkriegs. Every now and then he'll give himself a hard pinch in the arm. He's quite clearly at a loss on what to do...

C. Phone
Umm...howdy folks. If someone could so kindly show me the way outta this place, it'd really help a poor fella out. And if you're listenin' ta this Scout, I don't know how you roped the rest of the team into this, but son, it ain't funny. I'm too old to be playin' these sorta games anymore, so I'd appreciate it if ya pass me mah clothes back.


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