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Canon mates
The RED Scout
team mate
"I was wondering where yer ass has been -- I could always use a dispenser, ya know."

The RED Scout is Engie's team mate from back home. A young man from Boston who specializes in hit-and-run tactics due to his speed and agility. Scout is impatient, impolite, disrespectful, brash and arrogant. However, his confidence in his abilities is well-placed; he IS good at what he does. Unfortunately, what he has failed to realise is that as good as he is at running, running isn't everything.
  • Engie actually has high hopes for Scout. He knows that the boy has a lot of potential in him to do better in life than as a mercenary in RED, and he wants Scout to realise that.
  • Scout is probably one of the most irritating people Engie has ever met though. He's completely at odds with the older man personality-wise. Thankfully, Engie's patience allows him to tolerate Scout a lot better than most other people, but there are times when Scout's sharp tongue and rude behaviour cross their limits and Engie has to just get away from the city boy before he strangles him.
  • Although Scout probably doesn't feel the same way towards him, Engie does care about Scout a lot, and would be willing to protect the boy if he had to. He's adopted a sort of father-role to him, though this is not reciprocrated by Scout. Still, Engie does look out for Scout's wellbeing, and will always be ready to prepare a dispenser for the kid even, if all the thanks he gets from it is a dust trail.

The RED Pyro
team mate
"Always have. Since I was - what, twelve? Been burnin' everythin'."

The RED Pyro is another of Engie's team mates from back home. A young woman with a penchant for burning everything under the sun. She's also pretty easy to get along with, if not a bit psycho. Her ability to utilise fire as a weapon makes her a handy person to have around, especially to root out those pesky Spies who love targeting poor Engie and his machines.
  • Pyro is one of Engie's favorite people to see on the battlefield. It's always handy to have a Spy-checker around. She's also slightly more approachable than the Scout, and definitely much easier to work with.
  • Off battle though, Engie just doesn't know how to deal with her. He's pretty bad with dealing with normal women already, much less one who's a pyromaniac with a slight mental problem. He's pretty much torn between treating her like a lady and treating her like one of the boys. He's fairly certain she prefers the latter, but it's ingrained deep within him to always be a Southern gentleman, especially to the womenfolk. This dilemma results in him being very careful of what he says when he's around her.
  • Much like Scout, Engie does care a lot for her though. He recognises that something bad must've happened to her in her life that resulted in her using fire as a way to deal with the pain, and he can relate to that. He really does hope that one day he'll be able to help her get over it.

The RED Spy
team mate
"You look lost, mon ami. Is zhere any way I could 'elp you?"

The RED Spy is a charming, sneaky rogue who enjoys backstabing BLUs. His cloaking device and disguise kit allows him to manuever through the battlefield, giving him ample chances to surprise the enemy at the unsuspecting moments.
  • A Spy is an Engineers worst enemy. Engie generally is paranoid of Spies, even the one on his side. Yet Engie does trust the RED Spy despite warnings from other Engineers, and is willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt despite the reputation that comes with the job, which includes a tendency to take advantage of team mates and even betrayal. However, Engie's not so foolish to share EVERYTHING about himself with the man.
  • The RED Spy's sexual orientation is a source of much squick for Engie. Homoesexuality IS something Engie finds disturbing and wrong, given his religious background.
  • Although Engie and Spy may have their differences, Engie does care for Spy, as much as he cares for the rest of the RED team. He just wishes the man would stop sneaking up and scaring the bejeebus out of him.

The RED Sniper
team mate

The RED Sniper is professional, efficient, and always has a plan to kill everyone he meets. The Aussie assassin may be as skinny as a twig, but his headshots are a thing to be feared, as well as his mastery of the art of Jarate.
  • Engie generally gets along well with the Sniper.
  • At the moment, he's also a bit upset that his friend is currently droned. He comes by the house occasionally, just to check up on the man.
  • Engie actually wants to encourage Sniper to fix his relationship with his parents. Having lost his own parents, Engie doesn't want Sniper to regret never fixing things with his dad. However, as this is a sore spot with the man, Engie's going to just keep mum about it for now.

The BLU Scout
BLU member
"Yeah, like this place thinks it can beat me?"

The counterpart to his own Scout, the BLU Scout has all the skills of the RED one. However, Mayfield has really matured the man, and he's a lot less annoying and irresponsible than before. Still really horrible with the ladies though.
  • Engie just met him once at Homecoming. However, the fact that Scout was a lot more mature than before has made a good impression on Engie. The fact that they got through an entire conversation without insults is, to the Engineer, a great start to their relationship in Mayfield.
  • Engie hopes that the RED Scout will become more like the BLU one, in terms of personality.
  • Although they are supposed to be at war with each other, Engie doesn't mind the BLU Scout at all, and will be willing to help him out if he needs it.

The BLU Pyro
BLU member
" Mean, just look at us, fuckin' chattin' away like we're supposed t'be friends're somethin'. Real fucked up, but... Y'know, not too bad."

Another firebug, the BLU Pyro is slightly meaner than the RED one. However, this may be because Engie IS a RED. Still, at least he's polite, if not a bit stubborn. The passion for fire that all Pyros seem to share is there though and Engie is rightly wary of the man's flamethrower, given how often an Ubercharged Pyro has often come stomping in and destroying his sentry nest.
  • Engie met the BLU Pyro while the man was stumbling along the walkway. At first antagonistic, the man calmed down somewhat when Engie clarified that he wasn't out to continue the RED and BLU feud.
  • Although their relationship is far from friendly, Engie is worried about the man and his sleeping patterns. The fact that the firestarter was also willing to give the RED some information about the place also helped the Engineer feel somewhat easier around him.
  • As with the BLU Scout, Engie knows that there are bigger things out there than the war between the two teams, and as such will lend the BLU Pyro a hand should he need one.

The BLU Spy
BLU member
" ..."

Probably the only member of BLU that the Engineer does not like, the BLU Spy has stabbed the Texan and sapped his machines one too many times for the RED Engineer's liking. The BLU Spy also seems, at least to the Engineer, a lot more meaner and mocking than the RED Spy. Engie owes his paranoia and his sixth sense for people approaching from behind to the BLU Spy; a testament to the man's ability to sneak up on the unaware for the kill.
  • Engie has yet to meet the BLU Spy in Mayfield, but he IS aware of the man's presence in the town. This does not make him a happy camper, and as such certain inhabitants of Mayfield who have given him a tap on the back have nearly been socked in the face by a paranoid Engie.
  • The BLU Spy is probably the person Engie trusts the least. This doesn't mean that Engie hates him though.
  • That being said, the BLU Spy will probably need to do some convincing before Engie will let him come near his house or any of his machines.

The BLU Sniper
BLU member
"S'long as you don't mind me callin' you Truckie."

Engie finds the BLU Sniper to be a lot more grouchier and anti-social than his own team's Sniper. This does not deter the fact though that the man is a killing machine with a record of head shots and a Jarate Master. Engie shares his paranoia of backstabs, although the BLU Sniper has a worse case of it than Engie does.
  • Surprisingly, Engie and the BLU Sniper get along really well, despite being from separate teams. Engie and him have shared beers, talked about dates, and assisted each other when it comes to dealing with the dangers tha Mayfield throws at them.
  • Engie actually hopes to get the BLU Sniper to be a bit more sociable. However, their friendship is still at its budding stages, so Engie's just going to take things nice and slow. Engie is also keen on seeing where the BLU Sniper's relationship with a certain Assistant will go.
  • After a conversation with the BLU Sniper, Engie's found out to his surprise that the man actually has children. But it seems to be a very sensitive issue for the Australian. A mention of a near-marriage also warns him that the relationship must not have worked out. Whatever the case, Engie knows that it's something that must be hurting the man pretty badly, and he hopes that one day maybe he can get the BLU Sniper to talk about it. Family IS important, after all.
  • Despite their short time together, Engie has come to like the BLU Sniper, and as such will not tolerate anyone injuring his new friend. The BLU Sniper has landed a pal with the Texan, and Engie is always happy to give the man a helping hand with whatever problems he has, be it work issues or personal ones. That being said, should the two actually succeed in getting out of Mayfield, Engie will be slightly sad that he might one day have to blast the man with his sentries. But work is work.

The BLU Medic
BLU member
" ..."

The BLU Medic is a source of some fear for the RED Engineer, mainly due to the fact that one Uber from the man can undo all the hardwork that Engie has done. The healer and resident mad scientist of BLU, it is the BLU Medic's job to ensure that his team mates stay alive while on the frontlines.
  • The BLU Medic and Engie have yet to meet in town, so Engie does not really have an opinion of the man.
  • Engie respects Medics as fellow men of science, but he doesn't really appreciate the BLU Medic's lack of human ethics.
  • However, Engie is less wary of the BLU Medic than the BLU Spy, and is willing to give the German a chance if needed.

House mates
"The Entire facility is run by a supercomputer with an infinite capacity for knowledge. I should know. That would be me."

An AI that lives in the same house as Engie and also plays the part of his not!wife in Mayfield. GLaDOS is very intelligent and good with machines, but also a bit cold and strict. She also has a bit of an intimidating presence, at least to Engie.
  • Engie is actually very nervous around her; he doesn't know whether to treat her as a woman, or a machine. He's decided to go with the latter, and it seems to be working.
  • Engie does respect the fact that she can build and program her turrets so well.
  • Because GLaDOS is living in the same house as he is, Engie thinks of it as his responsibility to keep her safe as well.

Tachikoma, aka Tatch
"Ooo! What's that you're building? It looks complicated! Do you need some help?"

A chirpy robot that lives with Engie in the not!pet slot, Tachikoma, or "Tatch", is a friendly and helpful machine the size of a small car.
  • Engie secretly wishes that he could take Tatch apart so that he could see how Tatch works, but he thinks Tatch wouldn't like that. However, he does marvel at the level of technology that must've been required to create Tatch.
  • Engie like Tatch quite a fair bit. If the robot was around the house more often, Engie reckons they might've been friends by now.
  • Tatch seems perfectly capable of protecting itself. This does not mean though that Engie will simply twiddle his thumbs if the robot is being threatened or hurt. No one touches his giant blue spider machine not!pet.

Work mates
Karen Pelly
fellow not!baker
"Um no? What do I look like a drone or something?"

Karen is a young woman that works at the bakery with Engie. So far, she seems rather sure of herself, and not the sort of person to be messed with. Engie and her have gotten off to a fine start, with him asking her whether she was a drone.
  • Engie's gotten off the wrong foot with Karen, but he respects her for being a policewoman back at her home.
  • Karen is actually the first Canadian Engie has met in his life, so he's quite curious about her.
  • Engie's actually worried that he's going to mess things up with Karen, given his near-zero abilitiy to socialize with women.

(Jane) Barton
Young Engineer in-the-making
"Oh, uh. I was just wondering what ya were makin'. A lotta people in this town build stuff, it seems. But most of it stuff I never seen before."

Engie met Barton while the younger "man" was watching the Engineer build some sentries. Quiet, stoic, but with a touch of country, Barton's interest in machine work and "his" knowledge of carpentry has really endeared him to Engie.
  • Engie does not know that Barton is in fact a girl.
  • Barton is what Engie would like to have in his child, if he ever gets one who's interested in taking on the family business.
  • Barton is now under Engie's wing, so woe betide anyone who touches a single hair on "him".

Picky Minch aka Finch Twoson
Friend to look out for
"I'll come by! And... yeah, I've got all kinds of baseball stuff at my house! I'm at 7132 Brooks Lane! You can come over too, if you want!"

A shy boy that Engie met, Finch seemed rather lonely the first time he bumped into Engie. However, he's polite and quite a sweet kid, in Engie's opinion. He seems just to be an ordinary boy by all standards.
  • Engie does not know that his real name is Picky Minch, and that he is related to Pokey.
  • Engie sees some parts of himself as a small boy in Finch, in that they were both never popular at school and thus never had much friends.
  • Another child who's now a designated "chick" to mother-hen Engie.

Fellow Scientists
Dist. "My name is Dist. And I can't trust anyone here, so that's all you're getting for now."

Egon Spengler. "It's a pretty new science. My colleagues and I are the ones primarily responsible for integration of paranormal science into a necessary utility."

Heinz Doofenshmirtz, aka Doc. "Yes! We must compare our efforts! Perhaps even combine them! For if there is ever to be a way out of this town, then SCIENCE will provide it to us!"

Falk Gatt. "Howdy!

Alfred F. Jones (America) aka Al. "Engie! Can I count on your support?!"

Ilsa Higa. "The only thing that still hurts is something modern medicine hasn't found a quick fix to heal."

Madame Foster. "Hehe... you are quite the protector, aren't you? But there's no need to worry about me. This humidity is nothing compared to the weather in Kenya."

Fassad. "Why Engi... oh. Engineering. Engineer. Huh, so that's your profession? Perfect! I, Fassad, am second to none when it comes to commanding and administrating... but I am second to some when it comes to, ahh... Crafting."

Kotomi Ichinose. "Then I must make sure to teach you well. One is not punished for doing their job badly in this town, but it's always nice to be on top of things."

Tex. "And the name's Tex. Not "Miss"."

Harley Quinn. "I've been here for over two years. An' every time I make a friend, I always lose them. They get turned into a drone. And I'm tired of it!

....what's the point anymore?"

Pokey Minch. "...Naw.


Maybe be ready for me to call if I need help or something?"

Unsure/wary of
Belphegor. "You've never thought of killing someone of your own blood~?"

(Annie Goldstein) "... Are you just gonna start praying or something? Because that would be, like, super fucking awkward."


More CR to come later, and I'll finish up on the rest of the people as well, but post a comment if you want to be added and I'll add you after my hiatus is over.

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